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Braced Bleriot

A famous part of European aviation history was the French Bleriot XI, that made its famous channel crossing from Calais to Dover Castle back in July 1909. Note the wire braced wing of this beautiful replica.
Bleriot XI
Laborious Liberator

Being a modern, tech minded nation the United States of America is the most important place for the preservation of old aeroplanes. Organizations here even manage to preserve, operate and fly such famous heavy bombers as the Consolidated B-24 Liberator of the Collings Foundation.
Jumping Junkers

Auntie JU HB-HOS gets airborne for another late afternoon pleasure flight. After almost 20 years of pleasure flying this famous historic milestone of aviation development still attracts sufficent crowds for the operation of a fleet of five examples on the European circuit. Another two airworthy examples are known to exist, one in South Africa the other in the USA.
Magnificant Mitchell

Altough having brought death and destruction to Millions in the history of war fighting, warbirds have an intruiging appeal to the audience at airshows worldwide. Here a B-25 Mitchell is basking in the tranquil late evening sunshine of a small air day.
Texan Trio

The most numerous piston trainer in the post WW II era was the T-6 Texan a.k.a. Harvard, SNJ and Wirraway. The South African Air Force still used the type in its regular trainer role in the early nineties. The propeller tip speed, close to the speed of sound, gives the aircraft a distinct sound.
Stampe SV-4
Sunset Stampes

Biplanes are the incarnation of the old vintage aeroplane. Here three Stampe SV-4 are arriving late at their destination just before sunset.