General and Sports aviation

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Yak 54
Yakety Yak

Andrey Synitsin, former chief test pilot of the Yakovlev Design Bureau, is seen at the controls of the Yakovlev Yak-54 aerobatic training aircraft in the vicinty of Tushino, Moscow's principal sports airfield.
Convincing Commander

Flown by famous pilot and aviation icon R.A "Bob" Hoover the aircraft display routine is definitely stunning. He loops, rolls the Aero Commander and his energy management display routine finally brings back the aircraft engineless for landing and taxying to a stop in the parking position.
Aero Commander
Extra 400
Extreme Extras

German aerobatic champion Walter Extra started aircraft development with purpose made examples for his hobby. From this a series of state of the art aerobatic aircraft have progressed and are sought after by pilots all around the world. With the Extra 400, the company diversified into the touring and business aircraft market by the mid nineties and the type is now also available as a turbine powered version.
Glider Glory

Being prevented from building powered airplanes after WW II until mid 1955, German engineers and enthusiasts had to resort to the silent form of flight but their skill showed. Companies like Schleicher, Grob, Glaser-Dirks are able to sell their products all around the world.
Top Trike

Another field of sports aviation is skydiving, paragliding and ultralights. An American two seater trike is seen crossing the distant moon surface.