The freelance aviation reporting work has allowed to make contributions to different magazines around the world. Some articles have been published over recent years and can for instance be found in the following magazines:

FliegerRevue 04/02 "Il-80 Maxdome, Russlands fliegender Befehlsstand"
German language article on Russian flying command posts variants
Published FLiEGER REVUE, issue 04/2002
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Airliner World 06/01 "Antonov An-22 Antheus, the turboprop giant"
English language article on the largest turboprop transport in the world
Published Airliner World, issue June 2001
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FliegerRevue 10/98 "Airventure '98"
German language article on the annual AirVenture gathering of airplanes in Oshkosh, Wisconsin/USA.
Published FLiEGER REVUE, issue 10/1998
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Jane's All The Word's Aircraft Pictures and information has been used within "Jane's All The World's Aircraft 1998-99"
Jane's Information Group, Yearbook and successive issues
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EUROAVIA NEWS 01/98 "MAKS '97, Meshdunarodni Aviakosmitscheski Salon"
English language article on the International Aerospace Exhibition in Moscow MAKS'97 describing the situation of Russian aerospace industry at that time.
Published EUROAVIA NEWS, issue Nr.1 1998
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AIR FORCE Magazine March 94 Pictures have been used within the 'Gallery of Russian Aerospace Weapons' in the AIR FORCE Magazine, issue March 1994 and later issues.
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